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Mindful Childbearing

I love kids. I loved having them, nurturing them, raising them, and watching them grow into their magnificence that continues to change and grow. I’ve got a present for you – my book on Mindful Childbearing. At the bottom of this blog, I’ll give you the PDF of it.   a

You can download it (right click) and share it with others.  I want you to read it and share it with others so we have a better chance of raising healthy children and strong families from the very beginning. Love is something great to give away for free.  I integrate three major themes that make my book different and timely.

One, it looks at pregnancy as the sexist thing a woman can do, and contextualizes labor and delivery as a way for women to have orgasmic deliveries.  I knew nothing about this possibility until I had them!  It was then that I started investigating the literature and conducted interviews with other women and found they too had this experience.  My book talks about them. Here are two links about orgasmic deliveries:  Here’s an ABC news article: 

A Vanderbilt University nurse speaks on the topic:   

Two,  I think that fathers are often put in disengaged positions relative to their own pregnancies.  Having men more involved will help secure and support the relationship they have with their partners and their children.  As a former National Institute of Mental Health Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the area of child abuse, I know the early experiences parents have with children can influence their long-term feelings about the child. Father involvement during their pregnancies is a potential way to increase more stable families, reduce child abuse, and discourage domestic violence.  shutterstock_3119553

Three, a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience can be more likely to occur when using a mindfulness technique.  Having a baby is a spiritual, magical, awe and wonder filled experience.  Going there, instead of just seeing it as a biological process, will make it a more meaningful experience for everyone involved. 

In sum, there are positive outcomes to my approach.  It’s back-to-our-roots unconventional.  It’s cool.  It’s trendy. It’s empowering.  It’s healthy.  I hope you like my book.  But always do what your doctor says – my approach may not work for everyone.  The ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby! 

Here’s the download link for Mindful Childbearing!   

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