Santa Claus is Coming

Santa Claus is Coming! shutterstock_214592401

After a decade researching him, the books are now ready.

The main book, In Defense of Santa, will be coming out soon, thanks to the fine publishers at NorLights Press!

Santa Claus needs to be transformed in order to be more relevant to today’s children and world.  Parents need support so they can let their children believe in him without feeling like they are lying.  Communities would benefit from a new view that enables everyone in town to feel they belong, especially during the December holiday seasons. This book provides both scholarly and pragmatic information that will help you to feel joyful about having Santa in your home, and in your heart.

There are FIVE other Santa books in the que, so be on the lookout for them!  I’ll post details on where and when you can get them as soon as I can.